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My primary goals are to inspire and facilitate student learning through a rigorous, yet supportive academic environment, to help students develop the ability to apply finance principles and theories to real world cases, and most importantly, to offer them the ability to think differently, logically and creatively.

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Student Support

To My Students: Welcome to my Teaching page! My goal is to empower you to take the ownership of learning by exploring the world of finance throughout the course and even beyond. To ensure your success, I am ready to help whenever you have any questions. I also strive to create a positive learning environment and your feedback about your learning experience is more than welcome at any time.

I strive to make myself as much accessible as possible outside of the classroom. Please use the following link to book an appointment. I post all my available meeting slots up to one week in advance. If none of my slots fits your schedule, please feel free to email me, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

A few selected comments from student evaluations:

"Great Job!"

"Great Professor!"

"Love Dr. Duanmu's class. Can't wait to have him next quarter!"

"Very good teacher. Displays interest in the subject material and is always willing to help people who don't understand by answering questions and producing examples. Good job!"

"This class is a difficult class, but Dr. Duanmu made it easy to understand and learn. His enthusiasm about finance is expressed in every lecture and overflows into enthusiasm to learn the subject. As a senior, I have had many teachers at Louisiana Tech and he is by far one of my favorites. He is definitely an asset to the university."

"One of my favorite professors this semester. Extremely fair and willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. Thanks for a great semester!”


"Thanks for always being willing to help and answer questions or review/repeat unclear material. The tests were fair and you taught the class well."

"He really makes himself available to students and genuinely wants to make sure we learn the material."

“Jun is a very fun teacher and I have really enjoyed being in his class.”


“Jun is a great teacher and is extremely helpful. He is always willing to meet with students at any time and will work with their schedules. As a student himself, he understands the position his own students are in with a lot of tests and assignments, this is reassuring that he wants us to do well and be successful in the course. Maybe before the tests give more practice problems of what students should expect to see on the exam. Overall, I have learned a lot this semester in Corporate and have enjoyed having Jun as my teacher and will recommend him to other students.”


“Mr. Duanmu has profound understandings on every topic of the course, and worked hard to make it as easy to understand and clear as possible for his students through the semester. He was also readily available for students' consultations.”


“Great teacher!!!!!!!”


“He is really wonderful, always helpful to students!!!”



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